Simon Electric Won the First Luban Awards---the Excellent Engineering Supplier

On Nov. 6, 2014, a grand ceremony of Luban Awards---the Excellent Engineering Supplier was firstly held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Simon Electric, as the leader of low-voltage electrical industry, was the only award-winner in the industry. Mr. Jiang Bo, the Marketing Director of Simon Electric (China) Co. Ltd. attended the meeting and accepted the award.

"National Construction Engineering Luban Awards" ( Luban Awards) is the highest honor of engineering quality in the national construction. Since founded in 1987, with its "high standards, excellent quality and good reputation¡±, it had won public attention and trust. At the same time, the material and facility suppliers which have contributed to Luban Awards are becoming the industry leaders. In order to promote the overall development, the material branch of National Construction Industry Association launched the first promotion activity in 2014 themed as ¡°Luban Awards---the Excellent Engineering Supplier¡±. The evaluation criterion consists of a compulsive standard: participate in five or more Luban Awards in the last five years; in the meantime, the products should comply with the relevant laws and industry regulations and they are at the top of the domestic market with superior reputation.

Simon Electric has been specializing in switches for ten decades and adheres to the unremitting pursuit of professional as a fundamental to promote industrial upgrading and development of enterprise. Today, the multiple products cover low-voltage electrical apparatus, accessories, lightings, building control system and intelligent system, etc. with the marketing network covering over 60 countries and regions and hundreds of millions of loyal users around the world.

Since entering China in 1999, Simon Electric has got high attention and trust from the industry and customers. Exquisite product and excellent service made Simon win the favor of large amount of domestic famous key projects: China National Stadium (Bird Nest), the National Aquatic Center (Water Cube), CCTV (newly built), Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Expo Spain Pavilion and Vanke Pavilion, Guangzhou Asian Games Town (newly built), etc. Mr. Fang, Chief Designer of China National Stadium, said ¡°as an architect, we think Simon has reached high international standard from management system to product quality. Product appearance design and models, as well as series with different styles, are also quite superior¡¯¡¯.

In addition, Simon Electric also commits to uniting the outstanding real estate developers to provide exquisite home building products and promotes the healthy development of the real estate housing industrialization. For several years, Simon Electric has already established long-term strategic purchasing cooperation with the top domestic real estate developers such as Vanke, China Merchants, Luneng, Jianye, Youngor, etc. and provided diversified products and excellent service to millions of Chinese families. Simon was awarded "China Real Estate Project Procurement Alliance Strategic Supplier", "Building Materials Procurement Preferred Brand of China Top 500 Enterprise ", "National Top 10 Popular Brand", "Chinese Proprietor PreferredBrand" and other honors, and this "Luban Awards---the Excellent Engineering Supplier " honor, further affirmed Simon's achievements and contributions in the field of construction, marked that Simon has been recognized as the most influential brand of industry suppliers.

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