Chairman of Simon Group Inspecting the Company

From Oct. 22nd to 24th 2013, Mr. VIVES SIMON SERGIO, Chairman of the Simon Group, Mr. LUIS BASELGA TORRES, the oversea GM of Simon Group and Mr. LORENZO JUANES JAVIER, the Business Manager of Africa region in oversea department inspected Simon Electric (China) CO. LTD.

In the morning of Oct. 23 2013, accompanied by Mr. Zhu Jianguo, the GM of Simon China, they had a meeting with the leaders of Hai¡¯an government.

The secretary and the Chief of Hai¡¯an County introduced the development of Hai¡¯an in recent years, especially the Hai¡¯an Economic and Technological Develop Zone that just got upgraded to national level approved by the State Council. They¡¯ve also mentioned the Hai¡¯an-Shanghai high-speed rail project which would make it 40 mins from Shanghai to Hai¡¯an and dramatically improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Hai¡¯an. In the meantime, the government also expressed the prospect Simon could enlarge the investment in Hai¡¯an and recommended more Spanish enterprises to visit here and invest in Hai¡¯an. Mr. Chairman also introduced Simon¡¯s planning in China in the coming few years including enlarging the investment of manufacturing and inputting of R&D, which was agreed and supported by the leaders from Hai¡¯an government.

In the afternoon, the Chairman visited Hai¡¯an factory accompanied by Mr. Zhu Jianguo and had a conference with Manufacturing Center, R&D Center and other departments on new products¡¯ researching and developing in 2014. They¡¯ve discussed and adopted the next year¡¯s overall budget, workshop layout adjustment ,the planning of the new plant, as well as the new programs such as building employee center to improve the working and living environment.

On Oct.24th, Mr. VIVES SIMON SERGIO came to Shanghai Management Center, listened to the working reports from the business departments and had a further discussion on specific business objectives, marketing plan and working plan in 2014.

The two-day discussion and communication basically determined the operation target and the arrangement of primary projects for Simon Electric (China) CO. LTD in 2014, and pointed out the further directions for the future development.

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