Next Century Fresh Start ¡ª 2017 Marketing & VIP Distributors Annual Meeting of Simon China

From 13th to 17th February, the 2017 annual meetings for Marketing and VIP Distributors of Simon China were held in Hai¡¯an, Jiangsu Province. The meetings gathered nationwide excellent distributor representatives, sales elites from different sales offices and all the employees from functional departments of Sales & Mkt. Center.

As the topic ¡°Next Century • Fresh Start¡± goes, 2017 is the starting point of a new and unknown centenary journey as well as of numerous opportunities and challenges.

2017 Marketing Meeting of Simon China

During the Marketing Meeting on 13th February, senior leaders of Simon China delivered important speeches which included briefing about company performance in 2016 and the business plan for 2017. These speeches fully concluded the support and recognition of R&D, IT&Finance, Image and HR Centers to the Sales & Mkt. Center. With the help of all the functional departments, the continuous progress of Simon China in the next century would be made with fewer obstacles.

2017 VIP Distributor Meeting of Simon China

During the VIP Distributor meeting, on 14th February, the General Manager of Simon China Mr. Zhu Jianguo, as the representative of Simon Group, briefly introduced the organizational performance and the future development. He not only fully recognized the efforts of distributor partners made to achieve the goal of 1 billion sales, but also stated the confidence of Simon China in the Chinese market. As he said, stable development and continuous innovation would be the direction of our future efforts. We have the responsibility, the mission and the ability to continue the centenary glory.

Vice General Manager and General Manager of Sales & Mkt. Center, Mr. Zhang Renyu, reported about the strategic plan of marketing and sales. In 2017, Simon China would further consolidate and enhance the professional brand image in China by following a stereoscopic and comprehensive strategy. At the same time, Simon would fully enter the industry of smart home products with the strategic plan of focusing on switches and lightings. Simon China would create a business environment with growing benefit and healthy competition for its distributors by promoting balanced development of SimHOME stores, home decoration, property, hotel, business office and e-commerce with price and order management.

Then, the list of top ten outstanding distributors was officially released. In the coming century of Simon China, we are looking forward to working together with all the partners to achieve mutual benefit. And we will bring greater development for our partners with developed products, better services and stronger market performance.

Trainings for marketing team of Simon China

To enhance the sense of ownership, Simon China held the first marketing team exam and arranged intensive and effective training courses. The professional trainings from external and internal mentors included topics such as distribution channels, products, regions and so on. The courses were delivered to help every salesman become sales experts with full acknowledgement of products and sales strategies.

2017, the beginning of next century and a fresh start, let¡¯s work together to create a better future!

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