¡°100 Years, By Your Side¡± Simon Centenary Celebration of Simon China

October 18th, 2016, Simon Centenary Celebration of Simon China was inaugurated with great expectation. Thousands of employees of Shanghai management center and Haian factory of Simon China witnessed this historical moment together with Simon board members, executives of Simon Group and Simon China, and all levels of government officers of Haian County and development zone.


Before the celebration, an art exhibition was held in the corridor outside the hall. Eight artists that participated in the trip ¡°Step into Simon and Get a Touch of Art¡± presented enchanting Spanish style by unique paintings. Drawings of ¡°Draw Simon in Your Eyes¡± by the kids of Simon China colleagues attracted even more attention on guests, leaders, and employees, being surprised by children¡¯s fantastical imagination.


A step a dot, a jump a leap. Through the hazy lighting beam and graceful dance, audience gradually calmed down and waited for the opening of celebration. Speeches were delivered by President of Simon Group, Mr. Sergio Vives Simon, Simon Group CEO, President of Simon China Mr. Luis Lopezbarrena Murillo, and General Manager of Simon China Mr. Jack Zhu, shared and retrospected the development of Simon Group and expressed the gratitude to Haian government¡¯s long support to Simon China. Inspiring speeches of guests and government officers made every Simon people understand that there will be greater responsibilities and missions over the glory, and for us, we will inherite the spirit of concentration and continue the glory of China.


With different countries and ages, Simon people share the same vision of hardwork. The elaborate centennial film produced by the Group touched the bottom of the heart of all Simon people,whatever it is meeting or getting along with, reunion or farewell. The truly narratives and undisguised genuine had led all audience empathized. When all the people were still immersed in the sense of move, gorgeous dance, and passionate music promoted atmosphere to a climax; the song of Golden Dream symbolized the bright future of Simon Electric.




Breathtaking lighting and fireworks show led the centenary celebration to a perfect end. The lit up night sky of Haian was a unforgettable life experience for every Simon people, the most sincere memory of 100 anniversary and the very best wishes to the coming future. The proud and smile were the best reward to Simon Centenary.



At the beginning of 2016, celebration atmosphere passed from the Group to Simon China. From centennial blessing signature of Simon China colleagues and the sharing of special Simon 100 cakes on key dealer annual meeting in Phuket Island in April, and then to Simon Centenary Celebration of Simon China, it is no doubt that all these events have become a beautiful memory of each Simon colleague and deeply engraved in our heart.

100 years is more than a glorious milestone but a new starting point. We are fortunate to be one of the witnesses. On the way of glory pursuing, wish Simon prosperity as ever and let the glory be continued by us.

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