Simon Electric is awarded ¡°2016 Top 500 Supplier Switch Brand in Chinese Real Estate Industry¡±

2016 top 500 China Real Estate Appraisal Result Launch &Top 500 Summit co-organized by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal was held in Beijing on 22nd March. The appraisal was aimed at giving commendation to those companies which devote to the healthy development of the industry so that the industry chain can create a competitive environment with integrity and order. It also means a lot to the sustainable development of China real estate market. Simon Electric won ¡°2016 Top 500 Supplier (Switch Panel) of China Real Estate Industry.¡±

As the most authoritative, independent and objective real estate version of Oscar, the assessment report issued at the beginning of the year by China real estate developers guides the results of top 500 brands appraisal. In order to provide the real estate companies with more comprehensive and detailed research report, the industry appraised by top 500 brands appraisal is specified with each passing year. The targets of the first-choice brands appraisal include 25 industries this year in order to improve the appraisal system.

Appearing on the list again means that Simon, as a company with 100-year history, always contributes to the development of the advanced technology and innovative products. Simon Electric, inheriting the attitude of concentration like it always does, insists that the quality is the lifeline of a company.

After the development of 100 years, Simon Electric walks along with famous building companies around the world with the idea of innovation, confidence, enthusiasm, cooperation, honesty and integrity. Simon Electric has won various opportunities and honor after struggling in the Chinese market for more than ten years. Simon has established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with famous real estate developers such as Vanke, Wanda, Greenland and Evergrande Group. Simon also provides products and solutions for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and theproducts are widely used in some signature projects such as the Bird¡¯s Nest, the Water Cube, CCTV and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Concentration with the emphasis on attention and devotion is exactly brand gene of Simon Electric and is also the advantage for Simon to prosper in the world for 100 years and in China for 17 years. Simon Electric has explored its own way of success with its pursuit of concentration. The professional production history, the innovative concentration concept and the devotional service attitude equip Simon Electric with the power to become the leader and the strength to thrive for 100 years.

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