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With the launch of Simon 100th Anniversary in 18th April, 2016, Simon 100th Anniversary ceremony kicked off officially.


Shanghai: kick off the artists¡¯ journey

100th Anniversary Launch Ceremony of Simon and ¡°step into Simon and get a touch of art¡± Event was held in Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel on 18th April, 2016. General manager Mr. Zhu Jianguo, vice GM and sales&mkt center GM Mr. Zhang Renyu, and economic & commercial counselor of Spanish Consulate General Mr. Eduardo Euba,vice chairman of China-Spain chamber of commerce Mr. Manuel Torres, executive director of China-Spain chamber of commerce Ms. Ren Meifei and some famous artists, mainstream media and designers of the housing industry gatheredhere to witness the growth and harvest of Simon Electric for the past 100 years.

In the speech delivered by Mr. ZhuJianguo, he said ¡®our brand is born with concentration with art as its quality. 100th year is a fresh start and we all hope that Simon can prosper in the next 100 year.¡¯

The economic and commercial counselor of Spanish consulate general Mr Eduardo Euba and the vice president of China-Spain chamber of commerce Mr Manuel Torres all expressed their blessing and expectation for Simon.

Surrounded by the refined art of Barcelona, Simon Electric took the opportunity of 100th anniversary to invite six contemporary artiststo start an artists¡¯ journey in order to embrace the artistic beauty of the concentration on the brand value and excavate the origin of the artistic quality.

Phuket Island: Event for dealers

2016 VIP dealers annual conference was held in Shanghai and Phuket Island consecutively. The five-day conference included the launch, annual ceremony, dinner party and oceanic island trip.

Simon Group put a new premium on the sustainable development of Simon Electric China and gave more support and attention to the cooperative partners in China. During the VIP dealers annual conference, LUIS LOPEZBARRENA, CEO of Simon Group presented at the conference to express the sincerely gratitude to our dealers.

Mr. Zhu Jianguoreviewed and summarized the development of Simon in 2015.Mr. Zhang Renyu focused on sharing the stories of Simon since its entry into the Chinese market in 1999. The retrospect made the change, the growth and the future more clear. Centurial inheritance was a valuable spiritual wealth which would be inherited by Simon China to thrive in the next century.

Except for the top 10 dealers award, this conference also set up ¡°sincere company¡± prize to express gratitude to those dealers who spent 17 years with Simon to grow and harvest together.

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