Centurial Glory, the Ceremony Held in Barcelona in June

Barcelona is so special because classic and imagination are spread over the city with passion and sense of art permeating in the air. Implication and deepness cultivated by the times reflected under the moonlight. The well-known flower of Simon bursts into bloom here where vigor and age are not conflicted, delicacy and simplicity are compatible and history and fashion are confluent.

Simon Group embraces the global 100th Anniversary ceremony in 2016. Gathered by guests all over the world, the ceremony on 5th June was like the family reunion with Mr. Zhu Jianguo and his wife as VIP guests. Guests of Simon Group including directors and above and GMs from other subsidiary companies with their families, attended the ceremony at German Pavilion in the Barcelona international Expo and celebrated the special moment of gratitude and honor. During the ceremony, CEO LUIS LOPEZBARRENA delivered the speech to express his gratitude for all the efforts we made and all the support provided by families.

Lights and moonlight enhance each other¡¯s beauty. The hardness of the wall and the softness of the reflection in the pool couple each other. Century-long glory shines in the pavilion. Just like Simon, the Germany Pavilion of the World Expo with 100-year history is one of the manifestations of the contemporary building. With the least material and decoration, the designer Mith created the internal space which best defines a famous saying ¡°less is more¡±. Unlike some other concrete buildings with elaborately decoration, this pavilion was built with new building materials such as steel and glass to demonstrate the beauty of smoothness, uniqueness and the texture of the material itself. Another signature treasure of the pavilion is the specially-designed and manually-ground crown for Spanish queen called ¡°Barcelona chair¡±. The piece of art caused a sensation at that time and was considered as a concept product. ¡°Barcelona chair¡± has already become a style of creation.Simon also inherited the design soul of the Spanish art masters, put the European art into the switch design, and established the unique brand mark of Simon Electric.

Each piece of art is devoted by sincere concentration; each time of success is supported by the idea of persistence; each piece of classics is accompanied by non-stop exploration and breakthrough. Simon delivers the centurial concentration and consecutive innovation without fear. Hopefully, Simon can still thrive in the next century.

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